Mysore practice schedule for 2022, Monday-Saturday. Doors unlock at 5:45 weekdays. Our room is located in the “shala 1” room, which is on the werf/canal level. Please use the lower-level canal entrance on the Oudegracht, not the street entrance. Everyone is welcome! No need to have any experience with yoga. Drop-ins, monthly memberships, and a monthly or weekly pass card is available on our webpage.Email if you have any questions. If you can’t figure it out online, come in anyway!

Mondays-Fridays: 6:00am-9:00am Mysore 
Saturdays:  7:15am Led Class Primary Series

* We are closed on “moon days,” the full and new moon each month. These are dates to rest from asana practice.

Location is Yoga Point Utrecht–Oudegracht 44 and 44 a / d Werf, 3511AR, Utrecht  Please use the entrance on the canal, the lower level yoga room. 

If you want to purchase a pass, please follow the studio’s link below. You first choose the day you want to start the pass and then you will be prompted to select a membership or drop-in.

Mysore is a method of practice for the Ashtanga Yoga sequence, a set series of postures linked with the breath. This is the traditional method for learning Ashtanga and allows one-on-one instruction from the teacher. You do not need to have any yoga experience or previous Ashtanga experience to begin Mysore. During the Mysore hours posted, practitioners come in and work at their own pace and ability with the instructor. New postures are slowly added to enable students to memorize the sequence and form a daily practice aligned with their individual needs.  New students may find their first visit is only 20-30 minutes long and will increase each visit. Walk-ins are welcome! Above hours reflect the opening and closing times, and students may drop in at any point within the allotted hours so long as they finish practice by closing time. It’s possible to drop in and observe a class if you want to see what Mysore is about!    Contact with any questions or concerns about your personal experience.

Led primary series class is for those with some experience with the Ashtanga sequence as there is less verbal instruction. However, once somewhat familiar with the beginning of the sequence, students are encouraged to attend regularly and simply follow along until they reach their final Mysore class posture in the series or are instructed to stop. This is a great way to learn breathing and pacing of your practice postures.